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Surprise Eggs Collections


The app is my collection of toys.The application is designed to become more familiar with a series of lovely toys from Kinder «Surprise» (called in England), «Uberraschung» «Überraschung»(called in Germany), «Sorpresa», «Merendero» (called in Italy and Spain), «Surpresa»(called in Portugal and Brazil), «Kinderegg» or «Kinderoverraskelse» (called in Norway), «Kinderägg» (called in in Sweden), «健達出奇蛋», «Kinder出奇蛋» (called in China) «Niespodzianka» (called in Poland),«كيندر سبرايز», (called in Arab countries), «Kinder meglepetés» (called in Hungary), «ביצת קינדר»(called in Israel), «Կինդեր Սյուրպրիզ»(called in Armenia), «キンダーサプライズ» (called in Japan), «킨더 서프라이즈» (called in Korea), «健達出奇蛋» (called in China), «Ovo» (called in Brazil), «Maxi Ei» (called in Ausland), «كيندر جوي»(called in Arab countries), «Киндер јаје» (called in Serbia), «Verrassingsei» (called in Netherlands), «കിന്റർ സർപ്രൈസ്» (called in India), «킨더 서프라이즈» (called in Korea), «Kinder-yllätysmuna» (called in Finland), «کیندر سورپرایز» (called in Iran), «Ou Kinder» (called in Andorra and Spain).
It presents the following sections:- «Primary» of chocolate eggs toys (1975-2016) monoblock series toys description Kinder Surprise and Joy. It also includes a series dedicated to the EURO 2016 (Fußball EM), Easter 2016, Christmas 2016, Halloween 2016.- «Normal» of chocolate eggs toys (1989-2016) assembly series toys description Kinder Surprise and Joy- «Kinder Surprise Maxi», «Gransorpressa», «Ei Maxi», «Ü-Ei»(new section). - «Infinimix»(new type of toy) (2015-2016) series toy. Also, toys «Infinimix MAXI 2016» Easter eggs series. - «Plastic Puzzle»- «Arcticle» (Special Toys, Super Puzzles, Classification and etc...).
The app will be updated regularly delighting fans of the new series of toys.